Monday, February 2, 2009

sending husband to the grocery store

i am supposed to be writing about how to save my money right? or at least figure out where I am spending it all. well, sending husband to the store this weekend definatly helped me spend it. I needed two things- a tomato and lettuce. that is all. i forgot to get them last week and we were having tacos last night. so husband takes big rugrat to the store to get these two things. he comes home with:
4 tomatoes
1 bag of lettuce ( on sale for $1)
2 bags of chips (buy one get one)

okay, not too bad. he has done worse. but still... guess the saying is true- if you want something done right do it yourself

so my meal plan is somewhat on task for last week. wednesday i had a snow day so I made the baked and breaded shrimp a night early and thursday pulled kielbasa out of the freezer. friday husband came home and wanted to go out for dinner so we headed off to friendly's (big rugrats FAVORITE place to eat) with gift cards and coupons in hand. dinner only cost us $4 for a tip. then saturday we had shells and sausage (no meatballs, melinda got lazy) and last night we had tacos. tonight we had shrimp stir fry (made from things inm y freezer and cupbaords, no new purhcases) becuase mil was visiting and i wasn't going to feed her mac and cheese and hotdogs. that will be tomorrow night, which means the chicken stays in the freezer for another few days.

my meal plan for this coming week is
tuesday- mac and cheese and hotdogs
wednesday- i work, husband cooks
thursday- chicken parm
friday- my mom is cooking my b-day dinner
saturday- my birthday, breakfast for dinner
sunday- off to visit the il's for the day. pasta for dinner since it is easy
monday- nachos
tuesday- crockpot roast chicken

tomorrow i am off to the grocery store and butcher (we have NO meat in this house)

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