Thursday, January 29, 2009

busy day

today was a busy day, I feel like i didn't stop moving until just about half an hour ago. the plus side is that i finished the grocery shopping for the week. yesterday we got hit with a snowstorm and there was no leaving the house for groceries. the plus side is that husband (being a teacher) had a snow day and I got to sleep in for once.

so today i finished shopping with the big and little rugrat in tow. husband had to work late in order to catch up with grading and it was take both kids or go at 9 at night. i chose to take both kids. i spent a grand total of 29.93 and bought the following:
2 half gallons of oj
2 gallons of milk (we go through at least that much a week)
3 cans of fruit cocktail
4 boxes of pasta
1 large 3 pack of whole wheat bread
3 pack of sponges
white sugar
brown sugar

not a lot of items for the amount i spent, but when you figure a gallon of milk is about $4 and the whole wheat bread was $5, well it goes fast.
that brings my grand total on groceries to about $70 this week. i am over what i would like to be spending. let's see if i can do better next week. and next week i need to stock up on meat, i am down to one package of ground turkey and three chicken breasts in my freezer.
on the plus side the meal plan is going well. we had a minor change, since i was home last night i ended up making the shrimp on wednesday and tonight pulled kielbasa out of the freezer and made that.
i'm off to sleep and hoping that little rugrat sleeps through the night for once .

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