Sunday, February 8, 2009

meal plan check in

We are not doing so well with the meal planning this week. Last night was supposed to be brinner (breakfast for dinner-Scrubs terminology) and it ended up being nachos. Tonight was supposed to be pasta with sausage and it ended up being hamburgers and brocolli and strawberries. Now, in a sense we are not doing bad. I am not buying extra food, we are not making any extra trips to the store. When I substitute I either use something else in the house or we switch nights. Tonight the switch happened because husband wanted to use the grill (it was a balmy 45 degrees in new england) so I said make hamburgers which have been in the freezer for about three or four months now.
Tomorrow might be pasta and sausage, or it might be brinner. I work tomorrow and husband is SUPPOSED to make dinner. In the two weeks since I have started my job this has yet to happen. Maybe tomorrow will be a new beginning. Miracles happen right?

On a different note- I hate teething. I love my rugrats but teething it no fun. Big rugrat never showed any issues with it until her molars came in. Little rugrat is getting his fourth tooth and the poor little guy is soooooooooooo incredibly needy. He just wants to be on my hip. All. Day. Long. And he is 20 lbs, no little lightweight here. (Big rugrat weights in at a large 26lbs at 3 years and little rugrat weighs in at about 20 lbs at 9 months. Yup.)

Off to bed, 6:30 am comes quickly around here.

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