Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (a day early)

Last week I ended up not cooking two of the days I had planned to. Tuesday we went out to dinner and Thursday my mom invited us over and she cooked. Last night we had Jon's birthday party and everyone had a great time. I stuck to my menu for the rest of the week, just switching things around based on time each day.

Here is my plan for this week. It is a short one because we are headed up to Maine on Thursday and I don't know how we will share the meal planning and cooking up there with Jon's family.


mac and cheese
grilled cheese
turkey sandwiches


Monday- Breakfast for dinner. A family favorite! Homemade pancakes, eggs, strawberries and sausage. Total cost for 4= $4

Tuesday- Turkey Empanadas Grande with homemade dough - $5.50 for four servings

Wednesday- Shrimp stir fry (this is a great meal to clean out the veggies from the fridge before we leave for the weekend)- total cost for 4= $6

For more meal planning options go to I'm An Organizing Junkie

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~Bobbi~ said...

I totally understand. My week had unexepected happenings and now 2 meals also got pushed until next week. It's fine though. I just gotta use the meals with parishables like french bread first.