Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grocery Challenge Update

We are in week two of the ALl You grocery cart challenge and doing well. THe nice thing is that while their budget is more than mine normally is ($100 for my family of four) they also don't count paper goods or health and beauty stuff, JUST FOOD. I normally spend about $60-70 a week with paper goods. Take out all that stuff and this week I only spent $63 (and that includes $4 spent blueberry picking).
We are having friends over and ordering Chinese later this week and taht is counted in my budget for the challenge as well. But unless we spend more than $40 on chinese food (and we usually split the bill with friends) than we are doing fine.
I just need to reserve about $6 for more blueberries this weekend. Jon wants to go with me and the kids and it is supposed to be sunny on Satruday. I am hoping to get some blueberries frozen for when they are not in season.

Not to shabby huh?

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