Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exteme Makeover: Me Edition

This week Amber's EM:ME question is

How is your progress?
My answer is same old, same old. I am not trying to be negative, but everything is the same. I was sick last week and barely ate for about a day and a half and lost a pound. I then gained the pound back this weekend when I was eating normally.
I have been meeting most of my goals. I am drinking a lot more water (this awful heat is helping me to do that); trying to eat more fruit; walking every day, sometimes twice a day, about 1.5 miles each time; drinking milk with dinner sometimes.
And the weight is staying.
I am thinking of starting a food diary. Not to be fanatical, but just to see where I am getting all the calories from. I have read many places that it helps to write it down, it really makes you think about what you are eating more often.
I also bought some slimfast bars for snacks. I am a horrible snacker in the afternoon. I just graze through the house. I am really trying to get better about it. I get lemonade and sip it when I think I am hungry becuase it is sweet and makes me feel like I am getting a treat. Or I look at my options then leave the kitchen for 30 minutes before choosing something. This helps me to figure out if I am hungry or just bored. The slimfast bars were on sale so I thought this is a good time to try them. They have protein in them, they are sweet and they are low in fat and calories. All good things for me!
We are leaving for vacation tomorrow. I am hoping this will not make my diet go haywire. We will be doing a lot of walking when we sightsee so that should help. We are also on a busget so I won't be eating a ton. Our hotel offers breakfast each morning, we are planning on packing lunches most days and eating dinner out. So dinner will be the most difficult since I am not much of a breakfast person.
I do feel better about myself even though I am not losing weight. I do not love my body yet. But I am happier with what I see in the mirror. I don't know why since the scale is not moving. But maybe I am just becoming more positive.


Sara said...

Have a great vacation! It sounds like you are doing good, I have never tried the slimfast abrs, are they good?
Have fun!!

jenjen said...

I know it is frustrating when you are always gaining and losing the same couple of pounds. Believe me, I have been doing that for 4 months. I finally decided that the only way to be happy about this EM:ME challenge was to focus on how my body FEELS, not the scale.

Have a wonderful vacation! Have a great week!\


~Bobbi~ said...

It can be frustrating- I know. I haven't been motivated at all lately. I weigh more than I ever have in my life. Just reading your post though, is really inspiring for me. I want to get back to walking and eating right. I'm glad I read this post. Thanks so much!