Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

Good news and bad news. No progress this week. That is the bad news. No setbacks this week. That is the good news.

I am stalled at 126. My weight is not fluctuating at all. I am sure there are things I could do to make it go down- going to the gym and/or cutting out my soda or desserts or both are the top two that come to mind. And I am sure if I don't keep up what I doing the number will go up!

I am doing better about eating. Today I ate breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was hard since my stomach was not thrilled (I have hopes for what that means, but no answers yet). But by 9 I had been up long enough (almost 3 hours) to stomach a yogurt. For lunch I had soup.
Dinner is usually healthy. I cook so that my kids eat healthy and I eat what they eat at dinnertime. Plus two nights a week I eat very lightly. At work I am just not hungry so I pack something light and nutritious for those nights and by the time I get home it is too late to nibble.

I have been walking again. The past two days we went for nice long walks. This morning it was pouring rain, but the sun is out now so hopefully we will go after nap.

All in all I feel like I am doing good things most of the time. I can not hope for all of the time. But if I make these mostly healthy choices and my weight stays where it is, I guess I am okay with that. I am not thrilled, but I am not unhappy enough to give up dessert, and I do not have time to go to the gym. I did buy diet soda this week (in hopes of needing to cut my sugar intake in the near future), hopefully that will cut out some calories.

If I get the test results I am hoping for this weekend then my diet will drastically change in the coming weeks. I am just not motivated enough to give up sweets any sooner than I have too.

My goals this week:

Daily walks

Eat fruits (easy since we went apple picking last weekend)

Drink more water

Wait at least 10 minutes before giving into a craving

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Have a great week!

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♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Waiting at least 10 minutes before giving into a craving is a great idea. I've learned that it's okay to say no to myself sometimes, but it's also okay to say yes from time to time. Why rush? Great idea!