Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Talking

My son won't talk. Well, maybe won't is the wrong word. He doesn't talk. I can't tell if it is that he does not want to since it is much easier to point and pull mom and dad wherever he wants us, or if he just can't. He doesn't seem frusterated. He has the occasional tantrum when we simply have no idea what he wants but they are not frequent. When we repeat words, in an effort to get him to say them, he looks at us and smiles as if to say "yes, that is what I want. you guys are crazy!" His only work is "no." He doesn't even say mama or dada unless he is really upset.

With Madeline, well we can't get her to stop talking. She started talking at around 15 months and honestly has not stopped. Her talking has always seemed clear to me since I am around her all the time. But other people comment that she speaks very well for her age.

So dealing with Owen is the complete opposite. I compare where they were at different milestones (he walked much earlier than she did) but I try not to compare them because they are two very different children. I want him to talk when he is ready. He is such a happy easy going kid and I don't want to push him if he doesn't need it. I frimly believe that children develop at their speed, not at the speed of the chart in the doctors office. But I am concerned that maybe he wants to speak but he can't form the words? He uses a few signs that we taught him very well. And he is very good at following directions (when the mood strikes).

He is on par with all of his other skills. Walking, small motor skills, large motor skills, they are all right where he should be. He pretend plays with Madeline's dolls, the toy dishes we have and his cars all the time. He knows where to find things and even tries to put his own shoes and socks on. I believe he is developing okay. He loves to listen to his stories and watches his Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In the last few weeks his attention span has gotten so much longer it amzes me. A few weeks ago he couldn't sit through half of a picture book, he just wasn't into sitting with mom or dad and listening to a story. Now we read multiple stories at a time and he is sitting through acutal stories He just doesn't talk.

I am trying not to over think this. I am very good at worrying over nothing. But we have a pediatrician appointment in a month and I to decide how I feel about his lack of speech before we go. I have had experience with her and kids not meeting expected milestones before (Madeline is a little kid and didn't gain a whole lot of weight between 1 and 2 years, she was in the 5% for awhile and we spent a lot of time at the doctors for weight checks). My suspicion is that the doctor will strongly reccomend EI testing. Now, if Owen honestly needs help I am all for it. But if he is just taking his own sweet time I don't want to push him. Kids do things at all different times.

I would like to do some work with him on my own, but I have no idea where to begin. I talk to him all the time and we read stories, the same things I did with Madeline. I tried looking things up tonight but couldn't find anything. I plan to ask at the library later this week for a book on speech therapy and continue to look online just to have the information that I want/need.

Watch, one day Owen will start speaking and never ever stop. And I will wish for the silence again.

(and yes that is a picture of Owen sitting in the water table. soaking wet and fully clothed. we have a kiddie pool, but apparently the water table was much better to "swim" in this summer?)

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