Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scary Doctor's Appointment

I want to preface this entry by stating that everything is okay now. All the kids are fine and Jon is fine. I am fine as well. And so is the baby.

I am against over testing. Over testing to me may not be over testing to someone else. But I sometimes feel like I am tested for WAY too many things when I am pregnant. I feel like I am subjected to far to many ultrasounds (to the point where I could create flip books of bothe Madeline and Owen's growth) to ensure my babies are healthy.
So yesterday I go in for my first doctors appointment. She pulls out the ultrasound machine because by all calculations (mainly my last period) I should be almost 8 weeks pregnant and the baby should be visible.
She can't find the baby.
My heart stopped. I still don't know how I held it together and kept from crying as she explained the list of possibilities. She then sent me for a trans-vaginal ultrasound (not a pleasant time) and they FOUND THE BABY, heartbeat and all.
The problem? I am almost 7 weeks pregnant, not almost 8. Therefore you cannot see the baby on a typical ultrasound machine.
And why did I need to go through all of this? So they could date the pregnancy more accuratly? That couldn't wait until 12 weeks?
And all becuase the calculations they use to determine how far along I am rests solely on the date of my last period. I have a longer cycle and therefore ovulated later and you have a younger baby.
If I ever get pregnant again no one is going near me with an ultrasound machine until at least three months. I don't see the need. All that resulted from this was changing my due date by three days and making me worry. Becuase even though my head knows that everything is fine a part of my still worries. And will continue to worry until my next appointment.
That is just how I am.

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2 Toddlers and Me said...

I'm glad everything worked out okay. How scary for you! At least you got to see the baby to make sure everything was all right, once they found it. I can understand your fear of too many ultrasounds. They're not for everybody.