Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent Week 2 update

This has been a crazy busy week. Madeline and Owen look forward to the advent calendar every day, I still think that the candy is the motivator, but they love the activities! I have gotten better about prepping the activities the night before which cuts down on trouble during the activity. Some activities we do in the morning and some in the afternoon (todya's activity will actually be done after dinner.) It all depends on the lenght of time needed and whatever else we have planned for the day.

Our activities for this week:

Day 6- Getting our Christmas Tree

Day 7- hand and foot print reindeer (I traced and cut out the hand and foot prints and the kids glued on the pieces)

Day 8- Gumdrop Christmas tree (idea from chasing cheerios) note to self- there is a large difference between spcie drops and gum drops, namely the sugar coating...

Day 9- gingerbread house (messiest by far) and decorating the Christmas tree

Day 10- cotton ball snowmen (Owen was not in a participating mood this day)

Day 11- paper place Santa (idea from Blue Eyed Blessings)

On top of our advent activities we have been keeping up with our preschool work. This week we did letter S for Santa and Snowmen. This coming week we are working on letter G for Gingerbread Men (I should've saved the gingerbread house for this coming week but that is what I get for not pre planning!) We are doing a lighter load to leave time for advent and Christmas activities but are still spending about 45 minutes to an hour a day on it.

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Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Those snowmen and santas are adorable!!!! We made the reindeer last year. Might need to do that again :) Thanks so much for participating, looks like you're having a ball! :)