Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Craft Corner

Here it is again a day late. Oops!
This week we were working with rainbows so we made rainbow necklaces that you can eat with Fruit Loops. To do this all you need are fruit loops (normally I buy store brand but the real things were on sale for $1.50), yarn, small cups and a paper for sorting the fruit loops.
I had the kids sort the fruit loops first by color and then had them string them in any order they wanted to. I was babysitting that day for two other kids (four kids total which makes for a houseful for preggo Melinda!) and I was busy helping everyone so I didn't get many pictures. The kids had a geat time though. The oldest is almost 8 and he liked making his own pattern as he went. Owen was the youngest and he was able to string a few fruit loops on his own while I held the string. Afterwards everyone enjoyed eating their products!

A sorting sheet, a cup of fruit loops and an almost finished necklace.

A very happy Owen after eating his fruit loop necklace!

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