Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

With it being the week after Easter and a ham on Sunday's menu we will be seeing ham in a lot of our meals this week. I LOVE spiral ham so when I buy one I always buy more than I need and use the leftovers throughout the next week or so. The other great thing is that it cuts my grocery bill WAY back this week which is good since I need to stock up on chicken breasts, and I will still manage to stay way under budget even with doing that thanks to ham leftovers.

Monday- kielbasa and veggies for Jon and the kids. I am brown bagging it to work and then heading to a meeting afterwards.

Tuesday- Brinner- ham, cheese and egg scrambles, bacon, waffles and fruit

Wednesday- mac and cheese with ham, brocolli on the side. Making a double batch and freezing one

Thursday- chicken nuggets for the kids with fruit slices and carrots, Jon and I will eat sandwiches at work. Possibly ham if there is still any left. If not some type of deli meat.

Friday- spaghetti and sausage. I love pasta and we haven't had sausage in awhile since the kids have been hooked on meatballs. Sorry kids, mama wants to use some of the sausage in the freezer this time!

Saturday- visiting Jon's family and eating with them

Sunday- chicken quarters on the grill and vegetables. We never got to it last week. They are frozen so I need to remember to take them out of the freezer Friday night or Saturday morning before we leave and stick them in the refridgerator.

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