Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have not been great about writing here lately. I seem to have bloggers block, just not much to write about. I do have a menu plan for this week but that isn't really exciting news now is it? The big news around here is that Owen is in a big boy bed! After climbing out of the crib a few times in the last couple of months we decided it was time. Plus we need th crib for new little one this summer and I don't want Owen to feel like the crib was taken away for the new baby, so a few months in between the big boy switch and the new baby seems like a good plan. Last night was his first night and he was SOOO excited. Owen watched as Jon and Pargie (Owen;s grandpa) put the new bed together and then crawled right in. He did get out and load about 15 books into his bed when he was supposed to be sleeping and then cried when we took them away. Other than that he stayed put and even stayed in bed this morning leaving big sis Madeline (who shares a room with him) alone while she slept late.

Okay, the back to the menu plan. It was a normal shopping week, but most of the money was spent at Arnolds where I get my meat. My freezer was almost empty, down to 1 lb of ground turkey and some sausages. So we spent the bulk of our budget at Arnolds and now have a full freezer again (and no more freezer bags but we will solve that problem later!). Last week's honey mustard chicken was a hit with all, Madeline asked for thirds! The pizza braid (although not pretty at all!) came out delicious and my kids ate it calling it pizza (hey whatever works!).

Monday- leftovers. We had grinders for Madeline's and Owen's birthday party this weekend. I bought 3 of the 3 foot long sandwiches and we have about a full grinder left over. So leftover night is in order!

Tuesday- chicken quarters on the grill

Wednesday- Chicken and cheese quesadillas

Thursday- chicken nuggets for the kids, tuna sandwiches for Jon and I

Friday- Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill (weather dependant)

Saturday- pasta and sausage

Sunday- Breakfast for dinner

For more menu ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie

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Jana said...

I do a weekly menu too. Mine is Menu Monday. This week it'll be on Tuesday though. It really helps though, doesn't it. Love yours.