Monday, May 24, 2010

Date night at home update

Date night at home went very well (with a few minor mishaps). The kids were happy to eat their kid friendly meal and the idea of movie and popcorn on the BIG tv (Jon got a projector recently) was a big hit. They did come in once because they were not loving the movie we put in, we wanted to put Toy Story in but Jon couldn't get the VCR (we have the old school version) hooked up to his projector, and the replacement was not as popular with the kids. So we ended up putting on two different shows. It still bought us an hour together.
We had a frozen stir fry for dinner. I had one in the freezer and part of date night in was so that I didn't have to spend extra time cooking (at least for this date night, I may try non-kid friendly recipes in the future). I hadn't read the carb count before hand, turned out it had 87 grams of carbs per serving. I am allowed 45 grams of carbs with dinner (gestational diabetes strikes again). Yikes! Salad to the rescue! I had a large salad, a string cheese and half of a serving of my stir fry. The stir fry was good and Jon ate my share as well as his.
During dinner we just talked. It was great, no interruptions every two seconds from the kids, no yelling just because they can. My kids are not bad at the dinner table, they have decent manners (appropriate for a 4 and 2 year old in my opinion) but they are really working on waiting their turn! And it makes it hard to have a conversation when they want to be part of it. So having time to talk about our day and things that are coming up was nice. We also watched my stomach move quite a bit.
There was no stress of getting ready and getting out of the house. No finding a babysitter. No paying a babysitter or paying for dinner. This was a great night out in the home. I am going to try to plan this in at least twice a month.

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