Friday, May 21, 2010

Letters of Intent

This is my first week linking up with Julie
Dear baby #3-
Could you please stop kicking my hips and ribs the minute I lie down to sleep at night? i love that you are active and healthy, I honestly do, but I really need my sleep to keep up with your brother and sister during the day.
Also, if you want to be born a tad bit early I have no objections. If you need until your due date I understand BUT I would not objet if you want to join us anytime in early June!
-your mommy
Dear Owen-
Please, please, please, please start taking afternoon naps again. You are a lovely little boy, but when you skip your naps you are a little short tempered and not such a happy little boy anymore. That afternoon nap is very important for you!
love, mommy
To my poor neglected garden-
I am truly sorry I have not weeded you in days. Bending down at 35 weeks pregnant is relaly not easy. And since the weeds are still so close to the ground I can't reach them. But I am making sure you get water. Be patient with me, I will be able to bend over again soon (I hope!)
- your unhelpful gardener


Foursons said...

I think babies are so active at night when we lay down to sleep because during the day they are rocked all day as we move around. And then we try to rest and they wake up. Doesn't seem fair at all.

Owen, don't give up those afternoon naps just yet. Mommy is going to desperately need them when the new baby comes home.

Thanks for linking up for the first time ever; good luck with that weeding!

Rachel said...

Welcome to Letters of Intent! Julie is too much fun :)

Hoping Baby #3 arrives right on time, and Owen gets back to those naps! (My kiddo is trying to stop them and I'm valiantly trying to keep them! hee hee)

Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

Babies always seem to have days and nights mixed up even before they are born. Hopefully you Owen can get some rest before the big arrival!