Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Jon is done with his class so he is only working part time this week, hurray! It will be wonderful to have his extra help around in the afternoons. Madeline is going to vacation bible camp starting tomorrow from 9 until 12:30 each day and I am crossing my fingers that I can get all three kids out of the house in time to get her there each day! Our dinners are going to be simple since it is still really hot here and I am still working on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep a day.

Monday- nachos with chicken leftover from dinner last week

Tuesday- grilled chicken thighs, mixed vegetables and rice

Wednesday-breakfast for dinner- sausage, scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins

Thursday- pizza and family night at Madeline's vacation bible camp.

Friday- leftovers

Saturday- Chicken parmesian (freezer dinner) and brocolli

Sunday- pasta and salad

For more menus stop by I'm An Organizing Junkie


The Keevy Family said...

Looks like a great menu! I saw your link on Org Junkie. I see you have an Owen too. My Owen is 4. You have a very cute family!


Family Style School said...

I saw your link on Org Junkie! I love your blog, In your profile, you sound just like me.