Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is a clean out the freezer and pantry week. We are heading to Maine next weekend for the week and I really NEED to defrost my second freezer. In order to do that I need to pretty much empty it out. So no meat purchases this week for my stockpile. I will be buying ice cream (it is my weak point) but I can fit that in the freezer in my kitchen.
Making one big list and not assigning each meal a day worked really well last week so I will do that again this week.
On the dinner menu for this week:
Chicken nachos
Grilled chicken thighs
chicken, zucchinni, pineapple and pepper kabobs
brinner (scrambled eggs, sausage, watermelon slices and grapes, french toast)
pasta and meat sauce

Lunches are:
peanut butter and jelly
macaroni and cheese
hot dogs
chicken nuggets
grilled cheese
bologna and cheese sandwiches

We leave Saturday afternoon so I only have five dinners to plan for the week.

For more menus vist I'm an Organizing Junkie

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jd6405 said...

We have grilled cheese on our menu this week too!! Enjoy your vaca!!! What part of Maine are you going to? Maine is so nice!