Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It finally feels like fall around here. Last week we had a few days where it was near 80 and other days where it was near 60. Gotta love New England! But this weekend it finally feels like fall and it looks like it will continue into this coming week. I love this weather. When it gets cooler I like to bake and cook more often. We went apple picking this weekend which means I need to make an apple pie soon. On Sunday we made these cute mini pies that I found on My Montessori Journey. They are super cute and perfect for little ones to make.
We had some last minute changes to our meal plan over the weekend but it did not result in any extra trips to the grocery store, so I count the week as another success. I also went to my first weight watchers meeting last week and am slowly getting the hang of this points thing. I go for another weigh in on Wednesday and I am hopeful that I will have lost. I am sticking to my points allotment and I was already able to button up a pair of pants that I haven't worn since before I got pregnant with Ben! I am working what I am learning thorugh weight watchers into our meals so that I am not forced to cook two different meals. So far it is working.

Monday- freezer meal. I am pulling a bazed ziti from the freezer for Jon and the kids and I defrosted a container of Tuscana Soup from last week. By the way, the soup was wonderful!

Tuesday- leftover night. Jon will most likely make chicken nuggets for the kids if there isn't enough for leftovers and I will take leftovers to work for myself.

Wednesday- lemon oregano chicken. I found this recipe in my family circle magazine. It looks super easy and yummy! We eat a lot of chicken (I don't really like red meat) so I am always looking for easy, healthy and delicous new ways to cook it.

Thursday- chicken thighs in the crockpot.

Friday- veggie burgers. I have never had a veggie burger. But I found a simple recipe in Parents Magazine and am going to try making my own veggie burgers. My kids like burgers and I am going to give them these without telling them that they are veggie burgers and see what happens.

Saturday- Pasta (a weekly staple!)

Sunday- Possibly a roast chicken. Jon is camping on Saturday and is not sure what time he will be home on Sunday. If he gets home later I will make something small and easy for the kids and I and save the roasting chicken for another day.

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