Sunday, February 27, 2011

Menu Plan

Last week we stayed with our menu plan. I did some re-arranging based on changes in our schedules, but it still was a success. Of course any week that does not entail an extra trip to the store is a success for me (I don't have very high standards!).
I did get some great news last week- I was offered a new job. I will still be tutoring but at the new job I will be working with younger kids. For the time being I will be working both my current and my new part time jobs. This means an extra evening of work which will take some adjustment. The positive side is that the new job could lead to enough hours to replace my current job (they actually offered me plenty of hours but needed me now which didn't allow for notice on my current job and that isn't right for me to do). While I do like my current job, the commute is 40 minutes each way and with gas prices increasing I am beginning to loathe the drive. This new job is located in my city which cuts my commute in half. It starts earlier in the evening and over time may involve more than the two evenings I am working currently. However, I would be home before dinner each night and would be able to help with bedtime routines which I miss. It will be busier than usual for the next couple of months while we all adjust to the extra night of work. To help with that I am declaring Thursday nights to be crock pot nights from now until June. That way I can make dinner before I leave for work and come home to it done. Jon won't have to worry about getting home and making dinner, all he will need to do is make a vegetable and set the table. Easy!

On this week's menu:
Monday- broccoli cheddar soup and french bread (I work but I will make this in the afternoon and take some with me) I am actually making the bread on Sunday, there is not enough time on Monday to get it all done!

Tuesday- Free Pancakes at Ihop. I am going to plan on taking all three kids by myself. This should be interesting!

Wednesday- english muffin pizzas and baby carrots (I work and will eat leftovers, most likely the soup from Monday)

Thursday- crock pot chicken and rice dish and green beans (make before I leave for work and we eat when I get home at 6)

Friday- fish tacos. We haven't tried these before and I am eager to see if the kids like them. They like fish sticks so I assume these will be accepted as well, but you never know!

Saturday- homemade calzones and baby carrots

Sunday- lemon oregano chicken and mixed beans

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