Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday and Lent

For Lent I am going to be cutting back on my computer time. I am a very devout person and I do not follow my religion as much as I should. However I really do want to be a better person. I am taking advantage of this time as a reminder that sacrifice is something that needs to be done and can remind us of all that we have. And this is a sacrifice that I am hoping will have positive ramifications in my life.
I would love to be able to say I can give up my computer for Lent but that isn't realistic for my lifestyle. I use the computer for work (which cannot be avoided) and to pay bills and to balance the checkbook and to find coupons as well as for recreational purposes. Instead I am limiting myself to 90 minutes on days when I don't work and 150 minutes on days when I do (giving myself one hour of time at work to write my reports for appointments). I think it is sad that I am allowing myself so much time, but yet I am cutting WAY back on the time I do spend on here.
In the 90 minutes a day I am allowed at home I need to balance the time to achieve the needed chores for the day (bill paying, coupon searching, recipe needs, shopping if needed) with my recreational use. I am very hopeful that this time will show me that I do not NEED my computer as much as I think I do. I am also hopeful that I will have time to work on the to do list I have. I will spend more time with my kids (not that I neglect them now!) doing projects with them and hopefully be outdoors as spring is just around the corner! I may even read a book or two with my extra time.
In addition I will be moving the computer from the kitchen counter back to the computer room. It is far to easy to open the laptop and log in when it is in the most frequently used room in my house. When it is out of sight it is also out of mind. Plus I can't hear the kids as well from the playroom/office unless they are in there. And this will also help me with my goal to declutter the kitchen counter!
I will continue to write my blogs but they may be more sporadic then they are now (if that is possible). Bear with me please.
I hope you will still be here at Easter!


Chrystal's Corner said...

I hear this same thing resonating over and over again. Another blogger I read is giving up Facebook for Lent and said that the stereotype for stay at home moms has shifted from sitting in front of soap operas eating bon-bons to sitting in front of a computer screen all day. I know that my computer time is something I have felt very convicted about lately.

I would love to pass on something to you that has really spoken to me about my priorities...what they are versus what they should be. I just finished reading A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George and have been praying that God shows me someone to pass it along to. Would you let me send it your way? If you are interested, email me ( your address:)

Rachel said...

I am not formally giving up computer time for Lent, although I am trying to be more mindful of how much time and WHEN I am on the computer at home. I am limiting myself to 1 hour in the morning while the kids watch their shows and then I just check my email for work emails around noon. Then I allow myself time for blogging and reading blogs and facebook after the kids are in bed.
I am hoping to find a good balance.