Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Affordable Organic

I try to buy organic food and cleaners when I can. I have switched to organic apples, pears, bananas, baby carrots, grape tomoatos, milk, macaroni and cheese, animal crackers and yogurt 97% of the time. When I can I buy other organic products as well, but they are more expensive than non-organic products. To help with the higher cost of organic products there are a few things I do.

I mostly buy store brand organics because they often cost less, no other reason. One brand I do buy that is not store brand is Stonyfield. To offset the cost, which is usually higher than store brands, I print of the coupons from their website. You can only print each coupon one time but they refresh each month.

Another way I try to offset the higher cost is to shop in bulk. Stonyfield sells their yobaby yogurts at BJ's and are cheaper than at the store, plus I can combine with coupons. My older kids love yobaby yogurt so we make sure to buy some each month when we do our BJ's run.

I also utilize the Stonyfield rewards program. Each product has a rewards code on it and earn you points. The amount of points earned depends on the product- a 32 ouce countainer of yogurt earns more points than a 6 ouce yogurt. You can then trade in points for different rewards. My favorite is to trade in points for free yo baby yogurts. They also offer coupons for other organic products. If you are interested in trying just go to the Stonyfield website and sign up. Print off coupons and earn rewards points.

I also watch OrganicDeals. This is an awesome website which lists many ways to buy organic for less. She talks about deals, target deals, different grocery stores, coupons, and other ways to save buy buying organic. And she doesn't stay simply with food, she takls about organic toys, cleaners, and clothes as well. Check out her website if you are trying to find ways to fit more organic products into your lifestyle!

I was not compensated at all for this post. I am simply sharing a program that I find VERY helpful.

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