Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Groceries Week #5

My goal was to stay under budget this week and I accomplished that goal. I was under budget by more than $30 this week. It helps that we have the weekly produce share for the summer. included in that share are strawberries which we will be picking this week.
Here is what I bought this week:

Store #1:
1/2 pound of land o lakes American cheese
1/2 pound of stop and shop provolone cheese
1 bag of croutons
2 cans of tuna
2 organic apples
super glue
4 loaves of bread (on managers special for 67 cents each!)
stonyfield yo baby yogurt 4 pack
stonyfield yo baby meals 4 pack
1 bottle of relish

Total before savings: $24.47
Total after savings: $20.03

Store #2:
4 1/2 pounds of bananas (on sale for 38 cents a pound)
1 gallon of milk
1 pound of organic baby carrots
4 boxes of frozen sausages
2 loaves of raisin bread
2 jars of Newman's own salad dressing
1 tomato
32 ounce container of stonyfield yogurt
2 containers of ice cream
baby wipes

Total before savings: $55.13
Total after savings: $31.56

Total spent: $51.59
Under budget by: $33.41

This was a good grocery week!

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