Friday, June 10, 2011

Letter to a teacher

To all the teachers at Madeline's preschool,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Madeline this year. I know it is your job, but you did make a difference to her. You all clearly enjoy what you do and you are very good at it!
You were Madeline's first school teachers and the first people she spent an extended period of time with outside of family. Thanks to you, she enjoyed school. It was a bit bumpy the first month of school but we got through the tears. And it helped that you took the time to tell me each day that she stopped crying soon after I left. Leaving her in tears was the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time. You realized that and were very wonderful at calming her (and myself as well) through those weeks.
Thank you for guiding Jon and I through our first time as parents of a student. We have both been on the teaching end of the system, and while I knew it would be different going in as the parent I didn't realize how different. Very silly of me, I know. But thank you for being patient with us and answering all of our questions.
Even with the tornado at the end of the year, you were able to keep a semblance of normalcy for these children. You were forced to switch buildings with only 8 days of school left, yet you kept the routine for the kids. I was worried that school would be over with the destruction of the school, but thankfully with the effort of all of you, that was not the case. And it was so much better for the kids to end this way, spending time with their teachers and their friends, winding down as they should rather than with a sudden and forceful end.
You all were very warm and welcoming to our family. You took the time to get to know us, you even remembered the names of Ben and Owen whom you saw for only a few minutes each day. I felt very safe leaving my daughter with you and I am happy with all that she has learned this year.
We will always remember all of you fondly.
A very happy mommy

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