Friday, August 19, 2011

Letters of Intent


Dear Time,

Could you slow down? I mean, really, time is going by way to fast for my comfort. My youngest baby is almost 15 months and my oldest is almost ready for kindergarten. I try to whole "stop and smell the roses" but still time goes by too fast.

-a mama who just wants to slow down!

* * * * * *

Dear Jon,

When we got married I never imagined the journey we would be taking together would be like this. I don't know exactly what I imagined, but if i had written it down it would not have included the twists and turns life has taken. but there is no one I would rather take this journey with than you! Thank you for being patient with me.


a grateful wife

* * * *

Dear Doctor,

I love to say this: I told you so. There is nothing wrong with my baby. His weight gain slowed down but he is fine. And now, after a $20 copay and a weight check you agree with me. I just wish we could have done this without the cost of $20. There is no money tree in my backyard.

-an impatient patient

* * * * * *

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Foursons said...

Time goes by way to fast once we have kids. It is funny to me how time seemed to drag by from one birthday to the next when I was a kid but now it is the blink of an eye.

I call all those twists and turns "Life Happening." When life happens it can be rough. I'm glad you have a good man by your side when life happens.

Doctors suck. Most of the time. I have learned that they aren't nearly as smart as I thought they were.

Thanks for linking up!