Friday, September 30, 2011

Letters of Intent Friday


Dear self,
It is time to stop whining about your job and do something about it. You don't like your job. The commute stinks and your job descricption has changed a lot over the past three years. That is part of life sometimes. Remember that you HAVE a job so it could be much worse!

Okay, now to deal with the job itself. You have three choices.:

1- quit the job with nothing else lined up (not the best option for MANY reasons obviously, but still an option).

2. keep the job, stop whining and be glad that you only need to work 10 hours a week for 8 months of the year. Try to find something you like about the job each week, just 1 (besides the 8 month aspect).

3. Find a new job, and stop finding fault with every job you do find to apply to.

Okay, now do something!
-needs to stop whining Melinda

* * * * *

Dear Jon,

I love you. but why on earth did you wait until the school year was underway to try and get your truck fixed? You had 2 1/2 months off this summer. as did I. Madeline wasn't in school and functioning with 1 car would have been VERY easy. Instead you procrastinated (as usual) and waited until the worst time to need my Jeep for a day (leaving me carless and with no way to get our daughter to school). Or for me to get up and drive you to work and then drive to pick you up (45 minute round trip twice a day). I love you, and I know you procrastinate. I have known this for going on 13 years now. I am trying REALLY hard not to get as irritated by it lately. And unless is directly effects me (like this time) I think I am doing a good job, don't you agree?

-your slightly irritated wife

* * * * *

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Foursons said...

What is your job? I'm sorry you aren't happy with it right now. I hope a solution comes to you soon.

The car thing would irk me too. I am not a procrastintor though so that alone would drive me up a wall.

Thanks for linking up!