Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easy paper bag pumpkins

I wanted to do an art activity for fall with my kids. I love to have fall decorations and I love it even more then it is their artwork that is decorating my house.

I had no desire to go to the store so I looked around and found some brown paper bags. Add some orange paint and you have paper bag pumpkins. They are really easy to make and there are directions on various websites but here is my personal favorite:

You will need:

brown paper bags, lunch bag size

orange paint

green paint

green construction paper

green pipe cleaner

black construction paper

old newspaper

1. Cut out leaf shape from the green construction paper. Cut out face shapes from the black construction paper. If your child is older they could do this themselves. I was trying to make things easy for my kids so I did the cutting beforehand.

2. Crumble up the newspaper and stuff the brown bag. You want a slightly round shape, so a few pages will be needed.

3. Close the bag and twist the top to make a stem.

4. Paint the bottom of the bag orange.

5. Paint the twisted portion of the bag green.

6. Let dry.

7. When dry wrap a green pipe cleaner just below the twist (where the orange and green paint meet up). Thread the leaf through the pipe cleaner. Then make a curly end on the pipe cleaner (like the vines) by wrapping the end of the pipe cleaner around a pen a few times in a spiral and then slipping the pen out.

8. Have your child glue the face pieces on if you want a jack o lantern. Leave it blank if you simply want a pumpkin.

Have fun!

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