Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Menu Plan Tuesday

I am a day late but I still have my menu plan for the week! We had a busy weekend (which included an apple picking trip) that left very little time for the computer and no time for blogging. On top of that this is my second week back and work and I am still adapting to the new schedule.
Here is the plan for this week:

Monday (yesterday)- chicken nuggets for the kids, leftovers for Jon and I (I ate mine at work)

Tuesday- pasta for Jon and the kids, tortellini soup (the frozen kind) for me at work

Wednesday- make your own pizza night with apple crisp for dessert.

Thursday- Loaded nachos with vegetables and ground turkey at Jon's request. I use this recipe when I cook the ground turkey.

Friday- crockpot rotisserie chicken. I LOVE this recipe and it is very easy. We will be having veggies from our CSA share to go along with it.

Saturday- Big E. Did you say you don't know what the Big E is? You must not be from New England! Go here for more information. We go every year and we eat dinner while we are there. Jon and I have gone every year since we started dating so it is a tradition for us. The kids love it as well.

Sunday- Leftovers. My niece is being Baptized and we are going to my parents afterwards for cake. That will be around 3:30. So I don't think we will eat much for dinner and we need at least one leftover night per week.

Have a great week!

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