Sunday, November 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

After one week of getting things back to normal, I think we are there. The house is clean. The clothes are clean. Madeline is back to school. Jon had a full week of work. We have caught up with everything that could not get done in the week that we were without power. We even had a showing on our house and went to look at two possible houses for us to purchase. Life is back to normal.

I know I use my stove and oven a lot, but not having them for a week was a HUGE wake up call on how much I depend on them. This week I enjoyed every minute I was able to cook and bake (for once!)

This week's menu:

Monday- kielbasa for Jon and the kids with vegetables, leftover soup for me at work.

Tuesday- Chicken nuggets for the kids, leftovers for Jon and I (we have quite a few in the fridge right now)

Wednesday- Pasta and meatballs with green beans. I am making 3 pounds of meatballs since it is easier to make a bunch at one time and then freeze them for dinners on other nights.

Thursday- Buffalo chicken tenders, apple sauce and baby carrots

Friday- Nachos- loaded with chicken, cheese and veggies (beans too if I can sneak them past Jon)

Saturday- Homemade pizza

Sunday- dinner at my mom and dad's. We are celebrating an early Thanksgiving (Jon and I are taking the kids to visit his family for Thanksgiving this year) as well as my niece's first birthday. I am making something, not sure what until my mom lets me know!

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Janet said...

I love making big batches of meatballs up for future meals. Such a time saver. Sounds like a tasty menu.