Monday, July 21, 2014

The Garden is Growing(and it is currently very green!)

I am amazed.  Each year I plant seeds and seedlings with grand plans to weed daily and water as often as needed.  And every year I fail.  My garden usually still grows some things but not nearly as well as it would if I actually took care of it.

This year is more of the same. Planting with great plans.  Starting off strong. And slowly dwindling to not weeding at all and depending on the rain or Jon to take care of watering it.  I get caught up in all the other things to do around here and forget.  But there is a small difference this year.

Even with me forgetting to take care of the garden regularly it is flourishing.  And that isn't just my opinion.  Our family came up this weekend to celebrate Ben and Wyatt's birthdays and there were several comments about how well my garden is growing. 

Boy am I glad that I finally got off my butt Sunday morning and weeded it! 

The tomatoes are green and small but they are plentiful.  The carrots are doing well and finally thinned so that they will grow.  My squash plant is finally growing.  The pumpkins and cucumbers are taking over their corner of the garden as well as my yard (Jon had to move the vine in order to mow around the garden).  Jon strung up the beans so they are much happier to be growing up and not along the ground. 

The lettuce is not growing which is odd since that is one plant that has always grown fairly easily.  But new house, new soil so maybe that is why.  I'll have to look into it before next spring. 

And here are pictures to prove that I am not a huge liar:
cucumber or pumpkin?  I have no idea

the other "cucumber or pumpkin" plant

see the flowers? 

lots of tomatoes.  tiny and green but growing!

There is a bigger tomato hiding under there

peppers are growing!

baby summer squash!

there are the green beans hiding in there.

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