Friday, February 27, 2009

Credit Cards

There are many feelings about credit cards out there. One is that if you are in debt, or have truoble with accruing debt, then don't use them. I LOVE my credit card. I pay it off every month, as well as husbands. We have never, since the beginning of our marraige, carried a credit card debt from one month to another UNLESS it was 0% interest. And we can do this for one very big reason: we don't buy things we cannot afford.

I have never been of the mind set that we should put it on the credit card and pay it off later. Because I am always afraid that later will never come. WE do use our credit cards regularly. I buuy groceries each week and gas as well with mine. Husbands puts all his purchases on his beucase he never know how much we have in checking (now you know who balances the checking account each month). The only exception to this rule is a 0% interest rate card. We have had two of these. One we got when we bought our new tv and payed it off over two years. The other we got when we bought our new furniture. We had half the money at the time and we payed the rest off over the following year.

I am a lucky person. This recession has not effected our lifestyle all that much. This is for two main reasons- one is the husband is a teacher, and there is still a need for teachers especially male teachers. the other reason is that we live within our means. We don't spend a lot, and we try to save whenever we can.

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