Friday, February 27, 2009

Before and after becoming a mom

Michelle at Mommy Confessions ( had an awesome post today. She wrote two lists, things she could do before she was a mom and things she can do after. After reading her lists, I had to write my own.

Things I could do Before I was a Mom:

Sleep late, past 7 am late.

Drink more than two alcoholic beverages without getting drunk

Go out to dinner because we felt like it and eat at a place without a chidlren's menu

Go shopping. Alone. And buy things just for me.

Leave the house with a nice small purse that could not hold sippy cups, diapers, snacks, wipes, extra clothes...

Pee without someone watching

Not feel guilty for taking me time

Wear clothes without worrying about spit up stains

Take a day off when I don't feel well

Things I can do Since having a Child

Change a smelly diaper without gagging

Potty train a child (almost!)

Pack an amazing assorment of toys, diapers, snacks, sippy cups, clothing into a diaper bag that really shouldn't hold that much

Buy food based on nutritional value, not just the taste

Wear clothes with spit up stains and just not care enough to change

Function on less than 4 hours sleep for days at a time

Have a bad day turn around just with the hugs and giggles of a three year old

Have the words "I love you mommy" accompanied by today's artistic masterpiece be the best gift I could ever receive

Feel guilty for taking me time

Love my husband more than I ever thought I could

Learn to take days more slowly and enjoy the moments, even the tough ones, because they really do grow quickly

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