Friday, February 13, 2009

Eating out for less

Husband and I are planning on taking the rugrats out to dinner tonight. It is really a late date for my birthday (which was last week) but we are also going tonight to take advantage of some coupons. On average we eat out once or twice a month, tops. Mostly we eat at McDonalds (I know, not all that healthy but super entertaining for big rugrat). Other other favorite haunt is Friendlys. Big rugrat loves to go there becuase she gets her own kids menu and can choose what she wants plus she gets ice cream for dessert. We love Friendlys for a few reasons- one is the kid friendly atmosphere and kid friendly menus, two is the prices and three is the coupons we get. They put coupons in the Sunday paper every two months. We usually plan our nights out around when the coupons are good. WE can get a kids meal for free, or $5 of our dinner. Plus they have a birthday club (just go to to sign up). If you are an adult you get a free cone on your birthday. If you are a kid you get a free kids meal on your birthday.
However tonight we are going to Red Robin. YUM! If you have never been I am sorry! They have the best food and they have BOTTOMLESS fries. Yup, bottomless. They are a kid friendly restuarant and moderatly priced. We are going tonight because they have a birthday club and email list. On your birthday you get a free burger ( can be beef, turkey or chicken) from their menu. In addition I recently got a coupon for a free towering onions. Now you can't combine coupons BUT husband and I are thinking we can split our bill into two and use one coupon on each bill. I have done this successfully in the past. It is manipulating the system I know. If you want to sign up for their birthday club (you should!) go to
I love coupons! They aren't just for the grocery store, but they are great for restuarants. If you have a favorite restaurant go to their website today and see if they have an email list or birthday club. You can get great stuff from them!

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