Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grocery Shopping This Week

This was an easy week, I only went to my normal two grocery stores. In the next two days I need to go to Target and get diapers as well so that will add another $15 to my total. My rugrats wear clothe diapers during the day (we love our Kushies) but at night they are heavy wetters so we use disposables.
Okay, at grocery store #1 I spent $37.35 and bought:
2 containers of cottage cheese (little rugrat is eating this stuff like crazy!)
1 six pack of string cheese
2 bags mozzerella shredded cheese (buy one get one free)
sour cream
1 container of riccotta cheese
1/4 lb deli sliced turkey
1/4 lb deli slices ham
2 jars of natural applesauce
twizzlers (my weakness)
3 packs english muffins (buy one get TWO free)
2 boxes lasagna noodles
3 packs of hots dogs (but one get TWO free)
3 bags of baby carrots (buy one get TWO free)

At grocery store # 2 I spent $33.56 and bought:
2 gallons of milk
2 containers of ice cream
6 pack yo-baby yogurt (normally i don't buy the really expensive stuff but i prefer low sugar for little rugrat)
2 lunchables ($1 each)
vanilla wafer cookies
2 boxes of cereal
brownie mix
1 red pepper
3 plums
2 peaches
6 bananas
v-day card of husband

Total spent for the week: $70.91
Yup I went over.
We will try again next week?

Off to do my sahm thing and get laundry done while the kids sleep!

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