Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not much going on here

This has been a quiet weekend and not many chances to save money. Last night I made a large pan of lasagna becuase we were expecting company. Our friends were unable to come so I was left with ALOT of lasagna. I made a normal sized pan and only 3 people at from it. So I took half of the leftovers and cut them into four large servings and froze them. Perfect, a full dinner cooked and frozen. All we need to do is defrost and make a veggie and dinner will be ready. Plus husband has leftovers he can eat for lunch for the next several days while is on vacation.
I went to Kohls this weekend to buy a few new things for me (birthday money is great). I love Kohls becuase they are one store where you can combine coupons with their sales. I have a Kohls card and got a coupon in the mail for 30% off. Plus this weekend they were having a HUGE sale. I got two long sleeved t-shirts, a new (cute!) spring jacket, a short sleeved sweater (that husband made fun of), four pairs of socks for me, 6 pairs of socks for little rugrat, two new dishtowels and a new umbrella all for about $60. In the long run not the greatest budgeting, but when you consider all that would have been almost $100 before my coupon (don't want to know what it wuld have been before sale prices) I did pretty good.
Tomorrow is grocery day. It will be interesting to see if I can stay within or even under budget (hey, miracles do happen)

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