Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Potty training

I hate potty training!
I know this has nothing to do with living on one and 1/4 incomes, but it kind of does. See we use clothe diapers. I LOVE my cloth diapers. Washing them isn't bad and I've used them since big rugrat was about 5 weeks old so I really don't know anything else. Anyway.. the diapers we use come in three sizes, premie, infant and toddler. Big rugrat is in toddler diapers. Little rugrat (who by the way is almost as big as big rugrat) is in infant diapers BUT it is a tight squeeze and he has about a month left in them. My plan was for big rugrat to be out of diapers (at least during the day) BEFORE little rugrat needed to bigger size. Two things are making this hard- 1 is that little rugrat is a lot bigger than big rugrat was at this age (she is 26 lbs at 3 years and he is 21 lbs at 9 months) and 2 big rugrat won't poop on the toilet. She will pee all day and stay dry (with the excetion of naps and the occasional accident) but she poops in her underwear or naptime diaper. Every. Day.
So, now what? We put her in underwear, she poops in them, we put her in a diaper and continue to use the toilet as normal. She stays dry. Next day we do the same thing. Sometimes she makes it until nap.
My problems- 1 I don't want big rugrat to have stomach issues due to holding
2 I don't want to buy another 20 toddler sizes diapers (which I will be doing in another month if she doesn't train soon!)


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