Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breaking it down

I read a few blogs about saving money and eating frugally but well. On all of them they list out how much each meal costs. It got me thinking about how much each of my meals cost. I know that based on my grocery bill they cannot be all that high. But for this week I broke it down day by day for dinners of what I have made so far:
Monday- blts- 1/2 lb of bacon= 90 cents (at $1.87/lb) one tomato= 85 cents (at $1.79/lb) lettuce= 25 cents ($1.29 a head) and bread=50 cents(at $1 a loaf) which equals $2.50 to feed three of us
Tuesday- chicken parm- 3/4 lb of chicken=$1.50 ($1.79/lb) 1/2 lb of cheese= $2.50 (at $5/lb) 3/4 jar of pasta sauce= 75 cents ($1 a jar) and a 1/2 bag of brocolli=50 cents (at $1 per frozen bag) which equals $5.25
Wednesday- chicken nuggets, french fries and mixed veggies. I can't total this one out becuase I have the monster bag of chicken nuggets and don't know how much each nugget cost. But I'll bet that it was under $5!
Thursday- empenadas- 3/4 lb of ground beef= $2.50 (at $3.01/lb), 1/2 bell pepper= $1, 1/2 onion=50 cents, tomato= 50 cents, pie crust=79 cents, seasonings=25 cents for a total of $5.59.
Friday- crockpot mac and cheese- 1/4 lb of macorini= 50 cents, 2 cups of cheese= $1.50 (cheese ends bought at my deli), 2 cups of milk=75 cents, 1 egg= 10 cents equals $2.85!

So far not bad. All my meals seem to equal out around $5. Some will be more expensive and some are cheaper. But I am okay with feeding us for that amount.

Now this was not my original meal plan. But with the water main break yesterday things got thrown off. And today a friend stopped by and I didn't get a chance to throw my mac and cheese together early enough. But that is okay! I have not made any extra trips to the store AND I am not letting anything go bad. Those are my two biggest goals. Oh yeah, I am feeding my family fairly healthy meals.

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