Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Water Main Break

Today I started the day with no water. Not the best way to start a day.

Husband got a shower before he headed off to work. And when I got up 2 hours later (yeay the kids let me sleep today!) and went to fill a sippy cup there was nothing. Not even one little drop. The biggest water main in our city broke this morning.
Two hours later the water came back with very little pressure. And now it is back but it is not drinkable or useable for anything but flushing the toilets.

The upside is that husband has no school and is home helping with the rugrats. The downside is taht I can't do all that cleaning with dirty water. And little rugrat is almost out of clean diapers. Looks like he'll be wearing disposable before the day is over.

So husband went and bought a few gallons of water. If the water is going to be unusable for a few days we will head to myparents in the next won over and fill up with their water rather tahn buying more gallons.

The good news is that my water bill will be next to nothing today! The bad news is that if they don't fix it today I will have a house of smelly people!

We will head to the park when little rugrat gets up from his nap. The weather is beautiful and I want to take advantage of it. Our backyard is still quite muddy so I prefer to go to the park where it isn't so muddy.

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