Friday, March 13, 2009

Meal plan change

Last night we ended up going out to dinner (there goes the $20 I saved at the grocery store this week). We went to visit husband at school for his kids' science fair and didn't leave until after 6. Instead of trecking home and getting dinner started we headed out for Friendly's to use big rugrat's free meal coupon (every kid gets one on their birthday when you sign up for the birthday club) before it expires.
I bumped the stir fry to tonight. I love stir frys. They are a great way to use up veggies that are in the fridge before they go bad and you can eat them without meat, or add anything you have on hand. We used some chicken breast that I had leftover from a dinner last week. Other times I take frozen shrimp and add them in. I am sure you can add pork or beef, I haven't yet.
I make them without sauce and let everyone add their own sauces. Big rugrat hates stir fry so she has balogna (not healthy I know) and cheese rollups and grapes. Little rugrat ate some of our chicken, cheerios, cottage chees and bananas.
Tomorrow is big rugrats birthday party. It will be a crazy day! We will have hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner since they are quick and easy. And it is supposed to be in the 50s here tomorrow so we want to take advantage of the nice weather. Around here it can be (and has been) 50s one day and snowing the next. Ah, spring in New England.

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