Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You can't always plan

Husband and I are pretty decent with our budgeting. Yes there is money that could be spent in better ways, but the bills are always payed and we (almost) always manage to get money into the saving account.
And then people get sick.
In the past two weeks we have payed for dental visits (planned for), two sick child visits, medicine for a sick child, ER visit for husband (he's okay), medicine for husband, oral surgeon visit for husband and antibiotics for husband.
I don't want to total it up. But I have.
It's not pretty.
It will take a little dipping into savings to cover this past two weeks. Thank goodness for savings.
To add to it we added some extra driving last weekend to meet my mother in law at a flower show halfway between our house and hers. And this weekend we will be driving out to husbands home town for the weekend.
This month will not be high in the savings category.
The plus side is that husband has decided that he is going on a money saving spree in the form of our electric bill. He plans to unplug anything unecessary and turn off lights (ha!) when not in use. The plan is to see how much we can drop our electric bill this month which has been unfortunatly climbing higher.
Today I am taking the rugrats to the library after nap for some free playtime and maybe some new movies to watch over the next week. Anytime we take a long car ride we plan with a newer vidoe for big rugrat. And our librarby has a great pay area, In addition to books they have a puppet theater and puppets, a castle, puzzles, stuffed animals galore, and coloring pages. And all this is available when we are NOT in storytime. I LOVE the library because I love to read and I love that my kids like to listen to books and go to the library as well. I guess I am doing something right.
And don't worry, I didn't forget about freezer cooking. With the new job life has been a little more hectic. When husband works, he leaves the houes works, comes home. When I work, I get up get the kdis ready, get myself ready, get the food packed, get the kids to a friends house, get to work, work, pick the kids up, come home. Notice a difference? Am I the only one in this situation?
I will be making chicken parm later this week and am planning to make a double batch and freeze half of it. I'll let you know how it goes.

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