Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saving Money

Husband and I are trying to build up our savings account. Everywhere I read the rule is to have enough money to cover 4 months worth of bills in your savings account. Right now we have about three months in the account. We want to put more in there, and I know I can cut my budget more but I am having a hard time doing so. I subscribe to several magazines each year. And it seems like every month I open a new magazine that has some type of money saving article. I always get excited wondering how I can cut down some of my spending. And they never help.
The big one is groceries.
Each time there is a grocery saving article, I read it hoping to see how I too can cut my bill each week. And all of their tips are things I already do.
Meal plan? Check.
Shop the sales? Check.
Eat before shopping? Check.
Buy in bulk ONLY when it makes sense? Check.
Make a list based on what you have and what you need? Check.
Buy extra and freeze when you can? Check.
Check, check, check.
The only one I really cannot follow is shop without the kids. Honestly, how is that possible when I have a husband who LIKES to go shopping as a family? If I shop at night he wants to come too. If I shop during the day he is at work and, well the family dog is not the top babysitter so I take the rugrats with me.
I really do want to cut my grocery bill but the only thing I can see doing is getting rid of snacks or soda. And honestly if this is the only thing that will cut my gocery bill I am just not willing to do it. I try to make some of our snacks myself- brownies, cookies, cakes are always semi or fully homemade. we don't always have these things, but I have a HUGE sweet tooth that is only satisified if I have something small each day. Of course if I got rid of the sweets I might lose these last ten pounds of baby weight (5 of which I blame on nursing)
Okay, back on tract. I really do want to find ways to cut my grocery bill without feeling deprived. If anyone has any tips (if anyone reads my blog that is) PLEASE share them.

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