Friday, April 3, 2009


A word to the wise- always check your bills carefully and question them if they seem incorrect. Last month my electric bill seemed a little high. Okay, it seemed really high. I looked it over and found that they had estimated my usage. So I took out a few old bills and found that maybe it was higher than normal, but not by as much as I had originally thought.
Well I should have gone with my original thought. I recieved my bill this month with a $67 credit! That means I over paid by $67 for two months worth of electricity. So my bill was REALLY high and VERY wrong.
The good news is that we had the money in the budget last month so now I don't have to pay for electric for this month, as well as some of next month. Plus, becuase our bill was so high we started being really conscious of what we were using and when. I like to think that I try to conserve electricity, but this last month we really aimed to cut that bill!

From now on when a bill is estimated and it seems high I will be calling and asking why!

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