Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time to rethink

Okay, time for a confession. I have great plans but I have HORRIBLE follow through.
Let me clarify. On the day to day functioning thing I am fine. I keep up with planning groceries and bill paying and all that good "keep the roof over our head and our bellies full" kind of stuff. But the things that seem like there is always more time for- I am horrible.
Case in point- getting started with the homeschooling of big rugrat. She is now three and we are holding off on preschool until she is four. However, I want to teach her some things that she needs to know and that I want her to know. And I want to do it in a fun way.
I have been planning this for a month now.
And I am still planning.

I have all the excuses lined up. I just went back to work (yeah all 10 hours a week). She is only just three (been saying that since it was "she is not even three yet). I need to get more books (how many hours can I spend planning and searching for books?) Little rugrat needs attention too.
Really I need to just get off my behind and get started. I want to, and I don't know why I don't do it.

So I am saying here and now that I will start my "homeschooling" (I don't know if you can call it that when there is really no set curriculum, we will just go by what I want her to learn and her interest level) by May 1. That gives me three weeks to do my "planning" and getting anything I feel that I need. It also gives me time to figure out some sort of schedule and where to begin. My main goals are:
Know letters
Spell own name
Count with one to one correspondance up to at least 10
Match colors
Follow up to three rules
Write own name (just first for beginners)

Those are the basic skills. I originally planned to do a Montessori type curriculum. But after doing some reading I am not going strict Montessori. While many of the methods are ones I like, my teaching methods don't fit her methods as a whole. My plan is to do a story themed "curriculum." I have found several blogs that I am going to use and every two weeks I will pick a story to use. I will base some art activities, math and writing activities out of it as well as choose a fwe other books along the same theme.

Now after saying how bad I am at following through plans (need I mention the gym membership that is gathering dust and the ten pounds I have been trying to lose for about 7 months now) I am going to try REALLY hard to follow through this time.

Please help hold my accountable for this.


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Michie said...

You sound like me! I am great at brainstorming and planning, but bad about follow through. I'm always searching for "the right way" or a "better way" to do something I haven't even done yet! It can be hard to dive right in with something, but give it a try. My daughter is four and will start preschool in the fall for the first time. I've done lots of letter/number activities with her without really it being a "formal homeschooling." I also like some aspects of Montessori, but not all of it, so I pick and choose what I like from that and other theories. I think you have a great idea of choosing a story as your basis for teaching - it can be very helpful to have a "theme." You could also maybe make a field trip to the library once a week or so to pick out the book. Good luck!