Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Find

If you live in Western MA and do not have a Big Y card, you need to get one! I was doing my grocery shopping this weekend and little rugrat was about to lose it. I grabbed a nearbye free flyer and handed it to him to play with and saved my shopping trip. Then when I got home I actually looked at the flyer and WOW! Big Y has all these deals with area attractions. You can get in for discoutns, up to half price, at many of the places we go just for having your Big Y card. You don't ahve to buy things in advance, just show your card when purchasing your tickets and you have your discount. Kind of like AAA discounts, be this card is free. Plus then you also get all the sales taht Big Y has each week.
Some places they have are:
Lupa Zoo in Ludlow MA
The Children's Museum in Easton, MA
Santaland in Vermont
Forest Park Zoo in Springfield MA

And many more!
This has also given me ideas on what to do this summer. We have our zoo pass and our museum pass and we will hit all of the local parks. But Jon is only working part time this summer and I am not working at all so it is nice to have ideas on new things to do as a family. And the bonus is we get in cheaper!

For once I am grateful to little rugrat for getting cranky in the store.

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