Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We did all of our grocerys hopping for the week yesterday so for once I can plan my menu around what I have, not what I will have after grocery shopping day. Since I usually plan my menus around the sales, and I shop at least two stores (with a third thrown in just for meat) it can get confusing if I don't get to the store on Saturday or Sunday.
We got the shopping done because I managed to hurt my foot somehow and am hobblugn aroudn after the kids. Jon came to help me so I didn't have to chase the kids AND find the food as well. Hopefully my foots gets better soon. I can't go to the gym like this AND it is a pain (in more ways than one) to chase the kids around right now.

Anyway here is this week's menu-

Monday- leftover night (it's my moms night out and Jon will cook for the kids) Free

Tuesday- Chicken Parmesan and corn- this is Jon's favorite and it is his birthday so it's a good night to have it. $5.50 for 4 servings plus leftovers

Wednesday- Crockpot macoroni and cheese with broccoli. I modify mine a little and use the packages of cheese ends they sell at the deli at my grocery store. $3.00 for 4 servings plus leftovers

Thursday- Grilled kielbasa and mixed veggies. $3 for 4 servings (no leftovers on keilbasa night here!)

Friday- Sausage grinders and baby carrots with ranch dip. $5 for 4 servings

Saturday- Jon and I are heading out to the Cape for a wedding and a kid free night. The kids will eat with nana and grandpa. We will be eating lobsters.

Sunday- Father's day cookout- hot dogs and hamburgers (Jon's favorite summer meal). $4 for 4 servings

Have a great week!

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