Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Thursday

It has been raining since the middle of the night pretty much nonstop. THat makes today and indoors day. I have not bought the kids rain boots and it is old otherwise we would be out stomping in puddles. But cold and rain don't mix well.
So we went to the library for some dry fun. New movies are always a good remedy to a rainy day. Big rugrat loves to be read to at the library and we always end up with a large stack of books to take home. Plus our library has a dollhouse, puppets and small puppet theater, puzzles and a small house to play in. So it is more than just reading time. And the best part is the way it is set up, the children's room is downstairs and completely seperate from the adult section so the kids can learn to be quiet without disrupting the adults who are reading or using the computers.
It really is't our library since it is in the next town over but it has better hours than our city library and is only 7 minutes away so we spend most of our time there. I great up in the town and some of the librarians were there when I was growing up!
Now the kids are taking a much needed nap. I got to clean a little since we have our first showing tonight. When Jon gets home we clear everyone out for dinner time and head on up to my parents.
Tomorrow is supposed to be rany too but maybe I will take the kids over the our science museum. It is free to city residents and is usually quiet during the school day. Big rugrat loves the dinosaurs! We will also finish our father's day cards.

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