Friday, June 19, 2009

Potty Training

I hate potty training. I am sure I am not alone. And my experience has not been bad, it has just been long. We started big rugrat at 2 1/2 with the potty training. She actually got the hang of holding her pee quite easily. But we went on vacation a week after attempting and I never did the stay at home for a week idea. We also had a new baby and soon after we started I returned to babysitting for another little girl who was also potty training and had been for about a year(long story, for another time).
ANyway, it didn't work and we were still in diapers most of the time until February, In February the peeing thing clicked and she has been in big girl underwear during the day since then. With the exception of nap and bedtime she stays dry, of course we have the occasional accident but not too bad.
Today she FINALLY pooped on the toilet. This has been a major roadblock, for some reason she would not poop on the toilet, simply held it until nap when she got her diaper and then pooped. That made my naptime quite lovely.
So we will see what happens. But I am happy that she finally pooped ont he toilet.

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