Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I feel like crud. It started yesterday afternoon. Just feeling off. Jon suggetsed I drink more water. So I did and felt a little better. We went out to the spray park and then came home and had dinner. I felt fine. Then last night it got worse. Headache and stomachache. Jon suggested I drink more water again. At this point I had drank over 64 ounces of water. So I tried soda thinking it was a lack of caffeine headache. I chased it with tylenol.
And felt worse.
This morning I woke up feeling better than last night, but not well. If Jon was home I would have crawled back into bed, but Jon had to work and since I was functioning there was no reason for him not to go in (plus summer school ends on Friday and grades were due today). So Jon went to work and I ate nothing all morning. I drank A TON of water. At lunch time I felt better and light headed (probably from eating nothing...) so I tried a little lunch. And felt worse. More water, saltines and lying down.
Feeling a little better but off.

The highlight was having the kids paint the windows. I'll post pictures when I feel better. It was hysterical!

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