Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Me Edition

Amber at {aefilkins} does Extreme Makeover: Me Edition each week. I love it because there are other moms like me!

This has been a better week overall. I have not been to the gym. But I have walked every day, some days twice a day. And that is something I feel good about. I am trying to watch what I eat (and not in terms of watching the ice cream disappear as I eat it). I am drinking a lot more water. But. The scale is not moving.
I am still nursing O once a day. He is stuck on his bedtime nursing and at 14 months I am not in a hurry to wean him. If it is part of the reason I cannot lose the 5 pounds that I am okay with that. But as much as I would like to think it is the reason, I really don't think 20 mionutes of nursing a day will keep on the 5 pounds.

I am eating healthier. And I am walking. And I drinking lots and lots of water (and peeing lots and lots as well, but I guess that is the price I pay). It frustrates me that the scale will not move. I will not accept that this is my weight. I cannot accept it because I am not happy with the way parts of my body look.

I am considering dropping my gym membership and dusting off my exercise dvds. Becuase let's face it. As much as I would love to be that mom who goes to the gym at 5 am I am not. I like my sleep. And going to bed at 8 pm is not cutting it (especially since O is nursing at 8:15-8:30). I am thinking that it is time to dust off the old dvds that I bought after M was born in hope of losing the baby weight. They helped but it was hard with her on a wierd schedule to find time to do them. Now both kids nap in the afternoon, so finding a few afternoons a week to do my dvds would not be hard at all. I want to tone my arms and upper body. I have been looking at hand weights at Any suggestions? I am thinking a set of 5 pounders becuase then I can double up in one hand for 10 lbs for some exercises.

I did go shopping last night and bought some cute shirts, a new skirt and a new pair of jeans. It is not my old size four *sigh* or my pre-wedding-no-time-to-eat size twos (yes I did wear a size two, but those clothes were quickly followed by "I am cooking for a new husband and happy" size fours again) but it is a size six and maybe that is what I am meant to be for now. I think I can be okay with that.

Except, I may be pregnant in the next few months (still trying to figure that one out). And then the clothes won't fit and this weight loss will be for nothing. Well, not nothing. But still...

I did well with my goals from last week. I didn't make it to the gym but I did make my other goals. So my goals for this week are:
1. Continue to walk with the kids each day, trying to walk farther this coming week.
2. Drink more water and less soda
3. Eat more fruit and vegetables
and the new goal for this week:
4. drink milk with dinner to help feel fuller in a healthy way.


Sara said...

Congrats on a such a great week! I hope this week is great also!

Allyson said...

Maybe you've just hit a plateau, or at least that's what it sounds like to me. I say go hard on the strength training and you'll see so much change. If you are looking for a kick-butt workout, my fav right now is Jari Love's Get Ripped and Chiseled. Oh.My.Wow. It's FABULOUS!!

Keep up the great work! Stay focused!

Have a great day!

Stopping over from EM:ME :)

Lerin said...

Have a good week, Mama. Size six as the mommy of two is great!!!

Oh and I like your taste in baby names. I have a Madeleine, by the way. :)