Friday, July 17, 2009

Doing a little better

My last few posts have been less than positive. I know that. In a way it has helped to get it out.
But I don't want anyone to think I am normally a down person. I have struggled with depression in the past. And unfortunatly I am prone to low moods when I am stressed. And lately I have been stressed.
Luckily I am almost done pmsing. That alone will help me feel much more like myself.
I am trying to get out for walks again (twice yeseterday and today) which I got out of doing when it rained non-stop for three weeks around here. Getting fresh air really does help. Plus I am spending time with my kids and doing something that is good for me. This is great for everyone!
Jon and I talked a LOT about baby #3. I still really want a third child, I am just not ready for it now. I am enjoying my family as it is. I know a third baby will be a blessing and we will be just as happy, if not happier, but it will change things. And I am just not ready for that change. Plus I am not ready for the physical changes of being pregnant again. We have decided to put it off for at least one more month, possibly more. Jon is completley open to waiting another year if I feel the need for it. Just knowing that he is okay with this has relieved me sooooooooo much.
I am trying to just let the house stuff be. I know we will find a house when it is the right time. There is no need to stress over it now.
And lastly we started going to church again last week. I feel peaceful after going to church and I have not been since Christmas. I have no excuse, I just have not made it the priority it should be. But I had my wake up call when we walked in last week and big rugrat looks around and says "where are the christmas trees." Oops!

So things are looking up for me. I am getting more sleep and trying to stress less. I have not been to the gym this week and I am trying not beat myself up too much over it. I am actually comtemplating dropping my membership and just walking around my neighborhood more. I don't know though, that is just a thought at the moment.

A higlight this week- little rugrat is starting to say his first word (other than mama and dada). And what is it? more! it sounds more like "mo" but he says it when he wants more food. And this kid can eat! I love hearing him say "mo!"

And the great news around here is....big rugrat is completely potty trained during the day!!!!!!! No accidents in the past three weeks. (this is another You know you are a mom when...highlight =)

Off to watch Cinderell 3..did you know that they made two sequals?

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