Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Am I the only one?

I was settled in my decision. And then I was uncertain. Now I am settled...
I think.
What decision? Sorry to be confusing. I am talking about my decision not to send Madeline to preschool this year and instead do a sort of homeschool with her. She is three and I just feel that she will be in school for so many years anyway. Why send her this year?
I am an educated person and a teacher when I am not a stay at home mom so I am not making this decision lightly. I know the value of a good education. I also believe that four is a fine age to start school at.
Anyway, I was settled. Then I came home from vacation number 1 to find that the only mom of a three year old that I know NOT sending her kid to school this year has changed her mind and now is. It was easier when there was at least one person who was doing the same thing as me.
Is that sad or what?
So I bugged, er talked to, Jon about it again. His only comment was that if we did send her now I would have some one on one time with Owen. True. But is that a reason to send her? We both agree no. Plus this is not an end all be all decision. I can enroll her in February when she is almost 4 anyway.
Plus I am excited to try homeschooling this year. I have started my plans and made some purchases of materials that I think will really help.
I am set.
I am excited.
Why is motherhood so confusing? I am the only one who second (and third, and fourth, and sometimes fifth) guesses herself this much?

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Hipmom3 said...

I think it is all up to the parent. I send mine when they were 4 and I think we will start our younger one at 3 PT just like a VPK thing. as long as your at peace with your decison then i think its the right thing for your family!